Pyrogen Uses

Pyrogen can be used effectively terminate fier hazards in two ways,

  • Pyrogen Total Flooding System (TFS):

    Typical Scenario

    fire extinguisher supplies in Bahrain
    • Fire outbreak in electrical control panel
    • Propagation to Secondary & Tertiary Fire
    • Heat/smoke detectors activated.
    • Signal transmitted to control panel (pre-discharge countdown)
    • Sequence activated -30 sec.
    • PyroGen unit discharged

    In this case, the smoke and heat sensors detect the secondary and tertiary fire spreading through the area and transmit an emergency signal to the Pyrogen fire extinguishers. Here, a discharge sequence is activated, and the Pyrogen unit is discharged, extinguishing the fire and preventing re-ignition. This is mostly favoured in enclosed environments such as,

    • Cargo Compartments
    • Data Rooms
    • Electrical Substations
    • Cable Tunnels
    • Generator Rooms
    • Intelligent Buildings
    • Laboratories
    • Machinery Spaces
    • Raised-Floors
    • Telecommunication Cabins

Pyrogen Uses Pyrogen Uses Pyrogen Uses

  • Pyrogen Direct to Source System(DTS)

    Typical Scenario

    Pyrogen Uses
    • Fire outbreak in electrical control panel
    • DTS canister unit activated automaticlly
    • Spread of fire CONTAINED
    • Minimal collateral damage
    • Minimal downtime

    The direct to source system directs at the root cause of the fire. This is mostly used in small scale electrical appliances, and electrical sources most susceptible to fire accidents. Here, the originating fire triggers the Pyrogen canister, which immediately gets into action in extinguishing the fire. This ensures minimal harm, and localizes any collateral damage. This set up is preferred for small, closed spaces such as,

    • Computer Server Racks
    • Distribution Boards
    • LV & HV Switch Gear Panels
    • Electrical Control Cabinets
    • Engine Compartments
    • Machinery Compartments
    • Metering Panels
    • Mining and Earthmoving equipments
    • TNB Feeder Pillars

Pyrogen Uses