Benefits of Pyrogen

  • It is three times more effective than Halon

    It is three times more effective than Halon:

    At a maximum* design concentration of 1OOg per m3 Pyrogen exhibits equal or better extinguishing properties than Halon 1301 at 330g per m3 (5% by volume), as certified by Scientific Services Laboratory.

    Pyrogen has the lowest extinguishing concentration amongst commercially available agents.

    *Recommended maximum for Class A, B, C, E & F type fires. Refer to table.

  • Compact and light weight

    Compact and light weight

    Pyrogen canisters can provide the smallest & lightest fire extinguishing system currently available. With space requirements of up to 1/40th of Inert gases, and weight penalties of often only 10% of competing systems.

    Pyrogen, in many cases, is the only practical Halon replacement.

  • Environment Friendly

    Environment Friendly

    Pyrogen has been certified as having Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) & Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP).

    It is officially listed by the US Environmental Protection Authority under its Halon replacement 'Significant New Alternatives Program' (SNAP).

  • Simple to install and recomission

    Simple to install and recomission

    Pyrogen canisters are electrically (or automatically thermally) activated. Simple wiring & plug in connectors can reduce installation times to a 1/3rd or less. If discharged, new canisters may be reinstalled in minutes* affording minimal downtime and eliminate potentially hazardous periods of non-active fire suppression.

    * Providing all and any necessary safety checks & inspections have been completed

  • No pressurised cylinders or pipe works

    No pressurised cylinders or pipe works

    Pyrogen Canisters are self contained, zero pressure units. As well as being light & safe to transport, they require no additional pipes, nozzles or distribution equipment. They cannot leak, burst or deteriorate, and can be stored for up to 10 years without maintenance.

  • Low toxicity

    Low toxicity

    Unlike some Halon alternatives, Pyrogen produces no aggressive acids such as Hydrogen Fluoride upon contact with hot surfaces.

    Pyrogen produces no chlorine or bromide and does not deplete oxygen to suppress the fire.

  • Certified product

    Certified product

    Pyrogen has been tested by LPC, Scientific Service Laboratories (Australia) and is undergoing further certification worldwide.

    For the latest approval listings and test data please contact your nearest Pyrogen dealer.

  • Cost effective

    Cost effective

    With minimal space & weight requirements, simple installation, zero maintenance and up to 10 years service life, Pyrogen is arguably the most cost effective Halon alternative available.