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It Really is Rocket Science

Pyrogen is a new class of fixed fire extinguishing system using solid propellant aerosol technology. Unlike conventional fire extinguishing systems, PyroGen is stored as a stable solid chemical compound which when activated generates a fire-fighting aerosol. The extinguishing medium however is not stored in a pressurised cylinder, it is produced in-situ only when required. The aerosol is a mixture of gases and micron-sized solids, possessing gas-like distribution properties and long holding times, totally floods the protected enclosure and rapidly extinguishes any fire present.

A revolution is taking place in Fire Suppression. Developed from solid rocket fuel technology, Pyrogen is the worlds' first commercially available Aerosol Fire Extinguishing System. Designed as a safe & practical alternative to Halon, Halocarbons, Chemical Powders and Inert Gases.

Pyrogen is available from stock in a wide range of canister sizes. Pyrogen is an inert non-toxic solid that remains stable until electrically or thermally activated, where upon it produces a gas-like extinguishing aerosol. The aerosol attacks the fire chemically and physically, giving virtual instant extinguishment & preventing re-ignition, and in certain instances, explosions. For many applications, Pyrogen is the only practical alternative to Halon.


Simply install Pyrogen close to the potential hazard When electrically or thermally ignited, Pyrogen generates the fire extinguishing aerosol Pyrogen is easily reinstalled in minutes