Flame Out

Flame OutFlame out is a fire suppressant wetting agent for Class A and B fires. It is a non toxic, biodegradable material, and is about 7 times more effective than using water alone. It is a certified alternative for conventional fire fighting materials like Halon and AFFF. It suppresses fire by encapsulating the oxygen molecules, and shearing the hydrocarbon molecules to break flame carriers. It is non corrosive, and also lubricates the hose, extending its shelf life. It indefinitely stays in suspension in water, and is safe to use, handle and store without PPE.

It effectively 'wets' the water by increasing its cooling and penetration properties. Its scrubbing properties effectively knock smoke and soot to the ground. Since it is completely biodegradable, it is completely safe for use and any accidental spillage does not pose any threat to plant or animal life. It also leaves no residue/ stain, which ensures no clean up/ mess on spillage. FlameOut can be used in portable appliances and may be applied via pumping apparatus, reservoirs or directly into the hose lines via conventional dispensing equipment.

Specification data

Chemical Description Aqueous Synthetic Biosurfactant
PH 8. Dilution's with water are pH neutral
Solubility 100% Complete in water & remains in suspension
Dilution for use
  • Class A Fires: 0.5%~1% (Wetting agent)
  • Class B Fires: 2%~6% (AFFF alternative)
Colour Pale yellow, almost clear, with mild lemon smell
Bio degradability Complete within 21 days
Flammability Not combustible
Approvals UL 7P21 NFPA18 UL162 UL711 USDA 5100-307
Specific Gravity 1.09@25°C
Toxicity Nil. Tested by the United States Testing Company
Corrosives Nil. Tested by the United States Testing Company

Comparison table

HF GasesB, C, ENoNoNoYesNoYes

Product Fire Class Non Toxic Non Corrosive Biodegradable1 EPA listed Halon alternative Environment Friendly2 UL Listed
FlameOut™ A, B Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 7P21
Halon 1211 B, C, E No Yes No N/A No Yes
AFFF / Foams A, B Some No Some Some No Yes
Dry Powder A, B, C, D Some No Some Yes Some Yes
CO2 E Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water A Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A